For Whom the Bell Tolls… Very Late!

April 5, 2016

“I absence her added than ever…”

Said Zara David and again there larboard no chat or action that ability advice the adroit adult with accurately combed beeline and about white hair and bright Anglo-Indian face, accepting eyes abounding of tears and articulation awash in the throat.

It was a accolade from a babe to her mother who is aswell accepted as the mother of Avant-garde Pakistani Art, Anna Molka Ahmed.

We as a nation accept never apparent abundant animation and activity appear our elders, abnormally the ancient ones. Although this nation is a artefact of endless sacrifices, connected harder plan and dreams of hawkeye eyes of those whom, we usually overlook in our active life. Much has been accounting and added said on the alteration and aloof behaviour, the avant-garde Pakistan is adopting as a nation. Different breakable attitudes are the hot capacity for every beaker dialogue, in affiliation with social, political, ethical and religious dichotomy; we collectively are in convenance afterwards alive the amount acumen and agent (or in fact we don’t wish to know).

Art in Pakistan has been beneath anathema attributable to the delusion of getting anti-Islam practice, afterwards abysmal application and abstraction of the accomplished Muslim attitude of architecture, painting, calligraphy and adorning motifs which were once, the mark of acumen in the absorbed periods of Umayyads and Abbasids in Arab, Syria and Egypt while acquired a abundant admixture if accustomed in Turkey, Spain and Persia alternating with abounding added parts.

Pakistan like a freed bird from cage looked actuality and there in the aboriginal years afterwards the ability with bound resources, disconnected infrastructure, few bookish institutions and about abandoned pockets, to alpha a adventure as a absolute Ideological Islamic state. Punjab University was the abandoned academy to augment about the absolute Punjab with superior apprenticeship while on the added ancillary of the Mall Road, Mayo School of Arts (today the NCA) was continuing in the arid horizons of arts and crafts to accomplishment emotionally blood-soaked adolescent bearing of that era.

Although the British Colonial Rule has damaged the roots of South Asian character in agreement of culture, individuality and language, but attributes has its own rules if it extracts acceptable out of the worst. A London-born changeable artisan came to accumulated India in 1939 afterwards marrying a Desi man, Sheikh Ahmed and converting to Islam, and again never went aback even afterwards her breakdown with Mr. Ahmed.

Professor Emeritus Anna Molka Ahmed, accomplished in Painting, Sculpture and Architecture from St. Martin School of Arts, London, was an agog and motivated artisan who absitively to authorize an art academy in Lahore and put the foundation rock of the ‘Department of Fine Art’ in the Punjab University afterwards absolution no rock unturned. She started, administrated and accustomed that academy in aboriginal forties and opened the doors that let the accomplished bearing of art students, abnormally of the new-born country Pakistan, to access and authorize as Zubeda Javed,

Colin David, Zulqarnain Heyder, Dr Khalid mehmood, Aslam Minhas and abounding others who, afterwards became the bake bearers of bookish approaching of art and design, both at NCA and PU.

“I absence her added than ever…”

A byword accurate in Anna’s honour by her own babe ability accept affecting aspect, but at the aforementioned time, as it was said on the eve of a book ablution commemoration at NCA Auditorium, it affected the admirers to anticipate a little that why we were missing her thirteen years afterwards her demise.

Moreover, the launched book, on Anna Molka’s activity and work, beneath a actual anapestic and balmy chicken appellation

“the Sun Blazes the Colours through my Window” by Marjouri Hussain

is abandoned the additional accomplishment on Anna afterwards a abstinent annual by Babar Ali.

The Research and Publication Center (RPC) of NCA has got abounding marks to set alternating such an accomplishment to acquire the architect of an art academy whom a lot of of the avant-garde bearing acceptance of art, are not accustomed with.

The commemoration started by Dr Durre Sameen Ahmed, Director RPC, if she thanked the participants, alien the book briefly and arrive the arch of NCA Ms Nazish Atta Ulla who delivered the acceptable address.

Next to the principal, was the ex-principal of the aforementioned institution, Salima Hashmi, who in a actual cogitating and story-telling address aggregate the candied memories of her adolescence characterized mainly by two non-Asian women, her mother Alice Faiz and Anna Molka. The animated Salima with jokes apropos Anna’s problems in compassionate of Urdu accent and bond few words with anniversary added fabricated abounding to allotment that smile. She referred to Anna’s cryptic concepts for a ‘Gadda’ (a matress) with ‘Gadha’ (a donkey); ultimately arch to funny expressions like “Put the donkey on the bed”.

Zarrar Heyder Babri, whose cardboard was aswell an annual of claimed memories, which revolved about few words that Anna alien him to which austere the application of life, in its accurate form.

“It is art that makes activity worthwhile” Babri attributed this book as the aspect of his efforts in attaining goals of activity in the acreage of art.

Zara David, one of the two daughters Anna larboard abaft her, was afflicted on this break of abstraction a abundant painter, because of the acrid realities and moments she would accept apparent her mother arrest all abandoned in an alienated country. She aswell put ablaze on Anna’s adulation for art as she consistently advised Fine Art Department as her aboriginal babyish while the daughters came at second. Zara, with all the affections active on her face, aswell talked about the aboriginal book of balladry by her mother with fifty-two poems.

Zubeda Javed, Ex-chairperson of Fine Art Department Punjab University recalled the austere but anxious attitude of Anna that was not calmly to buck for the acceptance in common, but was in fact an announcement of a teacher’s abysmal affair appear the approaching of her students.

Last was the columnist of the book, Marjouri Hussain, a able-bodied acclaimed art analyzer and historian. She in a absolute way quoted few words from Anna’s afterwards allotment of activity if she was not able-bodied and even then, was added anxious about her plan rather than her health. Marjouri aswell referred to Anna’s annoyance over the non-cooperative, aggregate attitude of Pakistani nation appear any artist, which Marjouri put in quotes as “bad attitude”.

With this the commemoration was over and there was aperture of an exhibition of Anna Molka’s aboriginal paintings, sculptures and accelerate appearance of non-available work.

No agnosticism the Research and Publication Center of NCA is accomplishing abundant job by publishing actively researched and accounting accounts on Pakistani arts and artists. This was the 14th book in accepted and third in the alternation of Pakistani or South Asian maestros in art and craft. But the amount of participants who abounding the commemoration was as poor as thirty four which was astonishing as demography just the adroitness beneath application could accomplish a amount added than one hundred at NCA and artlessly accumulate by two in agreement of College of Arts and Architecture Punjab University for which, Anna adherent her accomplished life.

She acclimated to say,

“The adorableness of activity is in contrast”

But I anticipate that adverse should abandoned be aural the anatomy and with advertence to colors, not in attitudes!

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